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WordPress Hotel Datafeed

WordPress Hotel Datafeed
WordPress Hotel Datafeed

WordPress Hotel Datafeed – Where to find them for free!

One of my passions is actually creating websites, and getting the hardest keyword search terms to the top of the organic search. This could be any type of website whether it is Gaming, Travel or Informational websites like this. I own a few travel sites and thought about the route of a hotel experience review system and needed a WordPress Hotel Datafeed. Easy enough I thought… hahaha.

Let me iterate this to you… I hate writing content, and half the time I can not be bothered, so writing content on hotels is pretty boring.

So my search begins for a Hotel Datafeed.

There are many types of data feeds, some with reviews, some with or without images, some with or without addresses and some with GPS etc. The other problem that is there can be a cost involved with feeds from WEGO, or Hotels Combined affiliates won’t give you the feed unless you have already sent them a decent amount of traffic and sales. The only other thought was to use Affiliate Window or now known as AWIN. Now don’t get excited yet! The feeds are terrible and not updated. The images are poor quality and not much information on each hotel. I tried importing into WordPress but the posts looked awful.

So my search continued…

My next hotel search looked promising from A full hotel feed in MySQL with reviews and images. Hmm. After uploading the 130mb database directly into PHPMyAdmin I noticed it was not at all correlated with the entries. This means the reviews did not match the hotel. After some deliberation, I tried to import into WordPress using WP All Import. Again this did not work. The database was a complete mismatch to a WordPress Database, and could not be imported, so there’s $50 down the drain.

Looking at the feeds more closely and how to import these to the CMS I needed either a working XML feed or a detailed CSV file that I can upload using WP All Import and correlate the fields like a normal post. I also wanted to enhance SEO on each post for images and Hotel names, with tags, and meta descriptions. Other fields would include amenities and Facilities, with a star rating for each hotel.

Finally, I found a WordPress Hotel Datafeed Affiliates 

Now, these are the only supplier of a Hotel Datafeed, with images that I could find. The benefits for myself was that they supplied 20 or so hotel images, direct link to via affiliate referral, and all required information being, facilities, amenities, ratings etc. The only issue I had to change was that images were separated by Semicolon. Using Excel you can separate images into columns and set to hotel image1, hotel image2 and so on so you can identify the images on the template on WP All Import.

WordPress issues.

Here is the template for WP All Import and post data. After successfully importing you will have a nice detailed database of hotels, and in my case for UK Hotels over 12,000 entries. There was a problem though.

I have a pretty good spec VPS, and on the search results, the listing whereas shown. The problem is to do with MySQL. It can not process all the entries at once, so I would suggest splitting into batches of 500 and if it works on search keep going until it doesn’t. I have used MySQLTuner to identify issues within my .cnf file and still have the issue, so don’t upload as many as I did.

An example of a WordPress Hotel Datafeed:

WordPress Hotel Datafeed
WordPress Hotel Datafeed

You can download the UK Hotel WordPress Datafeed: This has been formatted and ready to upload.


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