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Manipulate Google Predictive Search

manipulate google predictive search
manipulate google predictive search

Manipulate Google Predictive Search

Having worked within the SEO industry for many years, you tend to understand Google algorithms as good if not better than Google itself so to manipulate google predictive search you must know the industry. Think about it: teams of specialists that work on each google algorithm and they will concentrate on that particular algorithm such as hummingbird, panda or penguin and so on. Do they have a quality assurance team that will test any scenario if the functionality of their algorithm goes wrong? Quite possible.

So I found my own working algorithm. 

Let’s start with how it happened.

I personally own a few websites in various niches. Some sites are stagnant, and to be fair this is the first blog I have actually created my posts to share to the world. Normally I would post on forums and such, and most of my sites are automated…. yes cause I am lazy writing content I create presentations and reports so never have time for blogging. This being said I do enjoy ranking websites and creating websites with my SEO knowledge in the forefront of any campaign I launch.

Some of these websites I needed more than just organic traffic and purchased various web traffic packages from around the internet. All these are testing stages to find the best package that can drip feed hits to a particular website rather than a traffic provider sending 5000 hits within 10 minutes, which is pretty useless to anyone.

Now we have Programmatic Traffic that has been launched the past couple of years. Much more sophisticated traffic that you can use demographics to send traffic via your desired persona to your website. Hopefully, then you may get these users to purchase a product, interact with your pages or even click your affiliate banners. At the least, you have dropped a cookie on their browser so you may receive commission within that 30 day period who knows…..

So traffic is they key here. BUT how do you get traffic from Google using a search term to your website?

Let’s take a step back again!

Predictive Search 

Predictive search works in various methods but users can enhance algorithm logic to work for your benefit.

When you type in a search query i.e “London SEO services” as you are typing the suggestive search will help you choose what others have searched for. This is done by demand. The algorithm has billions of search terms, mainly long tail keywords. Known as Google Hummingbird this algorithm leverages the best search term to your query:

Example query – Suggestive search

manipulate google predictive search 2017
manipulate google predictive search 2017

Example query – Suggestive search with brand “justify digital”


manipulate google predictive search
manipulate google predictive search

So how did I get my brand name in the predictive search?

Google works with geo-location and locality, which means results can be different if you’re doing a search in Germany or the US and looking for services in London. So with this scenario, as it is centric to London, you must have users looking for your search term 75-80% and local 20-25%. Make sense?

London SEO services – 80% UK Traffic

London SEO services – 20% Worldwide Traffic


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With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, operations and transformation gained from various sectors, with industry and customer knowledge gained from Forex markets, Software, IT Services, Healthcare, Gaming and Travel. Proven success, with every digital strategy created and managed having improved ROI, increased traffic and conversions. Managed several digital transformation programs and is adept at driving senior management and securing required sponsorship. My International marketing experience, working with different cultures and languages across myriad audiences has given myself a unique perspective on crafting relevant and appropriate localized digital marketing capability that works.


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