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How to make money online (Affiliates)

how to make money online
how to make money online

How to make money online.

One of the many factors I get on a daily basis is “how to make money online” or can you provide myself with mentorship. The fact is, it is relatively easy… if you know how.

I will try to enlighten you into this, without giving you my proven methods ;).


Simple, make money selling a product or service and you earn the commission. The fact is that you are competing against the brand itself.

There are many ways to combat this scenario. Experience has taught me that it is best selling a service than a product, and this contributes to a lot larger commissions.

Example: if I was to sell a hair product on a website I created, I may receive maximum up to 10% commission of that product sold. If I sell a service its much higher and can be recurring as most individuals now purchase yearly services than a 1 off fee.

Leverage a niche

Within my vast experience of SEO, I saw a niche into FOREX – and Foreign Trading.  Huge commissions and static content = recurring revenue.

OK cool, but How do I earn money?

As mentioned I have studied SEO for some time, and reviews of each currency trader provider seemed the best option. So I created 31 articles of each currency provider that I could find. I also called or emailed each provider about their rates and asked about becoming an affiliate and commission. Some of them used their own affiliate program, whilst others used (awin) etc..

Commissions range from 25-30%. Wait…..that does not mean that if you refer a £40,000 you get 30% commission. Currency providers take points and on average may make £2000 on a 40k trade, and you would receive 30% of that £2000.

You can see example of the website here:

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Simon Birch

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, operations and transformation gained from various sectors, with industry and customer knowledge gained from Forex markets, Software, IT Services, Healthcare, Gaming and Travel. Proven success, with every digital strategy created and managed having improved ROI, increased traffic and conversions. Managed several digital transformation programs and is adept at driving senior management and securing required sponsorship. My International marketing experience, working with different cultures and languages across myriad audiences has given myself a unique perspective on crafting relevant and appropriate localized digital marketing capability that works.


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  • Hi,
    You are a new Affiliate’s dream come true. Every single post of yours is packed with tips to implement. From this post, I will certainly implement the mind mapping idea. I do outline but I totally get the importance of mindmapping now. I chose for affiliate earnings. Also, I love your ‘Leverage a niche’ method. It is such a great tool to use to teach new bloggers the skills you have to share. Thank you for constantly enhancing my blogging education.

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