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How to increase website traffic for free 2017

how to increase website traffic for free
how to increase website traffic for free

How to increase website traffic for free

Many requests that I have on a weekly basis is “how to increase website traffic for free” and I always say with a little work it’s possible to increase your traffic 10x fold very quickly. The problem that I have foreseen┬átime and time again, is that people normally who own their own website is quite lazy, and do not update the website content, or have no clue in SEO.

Website SEO is now a standard requirement by Google. Depending on whether you have an e-commerce website or just a blog you need minimum requirements to at least leverage organic search and drive traffic back to your site. Basic SEO requirements include:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Use of H1 TO H6 Tags
  • Friendly URL Structures
  • Sitemap
  • Pagespeed

There are many advanced techniques which we could use to improve overall SEO, like Rich Snippets Reviews and so on, so users understand what your website is about before clicking on the link on the search engines.

When my followers say “how to increase traffic for free” I start with the onsite SEO and only then look towards the end goal, whether your selling a product or just creating posts for users like this blog.

how to increase website traffic for free
how to increase website traffic for free

Methods of Free Traffic

Going back to free traffic, over the years I have tried and tested every method that you could possibly think of. These included Black-hat methods to test my theories in some cases and White-hat techniques. There are many websites that will receive traffic from copied or scraped content or content that has been respun so that words have been changed within articles and in some cases, the articles do not make sense to a human. What is the point? In a nutshell, Google can see this. The Google spider/bot can identify the original source of the content and will not rank you as high as the original source. So if top search positions receive 33% of the traffic, your site will be in the lower 10% of organic search. You will never have the top spot on Google! This was a different story before Google had algorithms. I use to use WP Robot to scrape traffic from Yahoo Answers. On most days I received over 40,000 visits a day, and then when the first google Panda arrived it went dow to 3,000 visits per day. I was that pissed off I closed my website down. A few months ago I also tried an awesome plugin WP RSS Aggregator that will load full source content from any RSS you input into the system. Granted WP RSS Aggregator works for traffic, initially, I started off with 500 visits per day, and then gradually slowed down, and never really got on to the 1st page of Google.

WP RSS Aggregator

Overall a great plugin. I personally purchased a bundle with full-text RSS feed, so all posts and images would transfer on to my website for around $150. My thought process around using this tool was to create a generic news website to get traffic and increase my Google Adsense earnings. It worked, for a short while at least. the problem is if you’re scraping other website content and using the exact same title and content, you will get into trouble with some websites. I was using the BBC, Telegraph and The Guardian RSS feeds. Three weeks later I had a call from my VPS provider notifying me that the “Telegraph” made a complaint and a DMCA request, and ordering me to take down all the posts relating to them. I had no choice to remove all the posts otherwise I would have had a legal battle in my case.


Not sure whether this is used anymore! A couple of years back you could use WP Robot to grab content from pretty much any source on the internet including YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo Answers and so on. This would be loaded by keywords and fetch the post data directly back to a WordPress website. A Very effective tool once but again scrapping content is not the key.

There are many plugins in the WordPress directory that can grab content and images. Just review the plugin before downloading on how many users have downloaded it. Some have over 100,000 downloads and there will be many websites that will be in your niche. So your all going to have the same content and similar images. Need I say anymore?

Content Misconception

There are 2 types of content that work and does not work. Scrapped and respun content just will not get you website traffic as much as original content. Fact! If you create your own content whether it is static, or continuous blogging it will drive good organic traffic to your website and will keep your bounce rates low. This means users will subscribe to your content, and read more of your posts. This seen by google is an authority website. Google spiders/bots crawl your sitemap and content and will position it accordingly by various factors including bounce rates, and visit duration which are important for any website. If you are lazy like me from time to time you can purchase articles from from as little as $3 per article. I will add that whilst it is cheap, it sometimes is not great, so pay a few quid extra, but at least it will be 100% unique scan your paid article with Copyscape to make sure. There are many techniques to enhance SEO such as using keyword density within your content at 2.5% after doing your keyword research. Please view my Content and Keyword strategy.

I have services of which give the promise of over 75% copy scape pass rate which is good by all accounts called article builder. The problem with these services is that they will scrape 20 or so articles in your niche and merge paragraphs or sentences. This is somewhat readable to a human, and again I have tried this service on many blogs, and not had a great result at all. Previously I had an SEO website that was fully automated. On average article builder posted 5 articles a day over a year. My hits per day must have been 10 organic visits. Google is too smart to fiddle, and they know of such tools or services. Is it worth $197 a year to use? certainly not in this case.

Case Study

My previous employment we were in the Foreign Exchange industry and as a business, the main website received 2,700 visits per day. The content was totally unique supplied by 2 content writers. For me the traffic was low. I blamed the website, as it was a bespoke design and I think it sucked. I thought about a strategy on How to increase website traffic for free without any or very small costs to my employer. After doing a lot of research I found that the competition within the foreign exchange industry is quite tough and in the UK we had to compete with 31 other providers. One of the search terms I found was a phrase like “currency solutions reviews“, or “transfer wise reviews“, “world remit reviews” and so on. These search terms were in demand and as users in some cases were buying property abroad, they would do their research on the provider before completing a trade.

The plan

The plan was pretty simple to start with, it would be the research that would take the time to complete. Each provider had to be contacted, and in most cases, I created an affiliate account with them at the same time. Just think that if users are going to your post i.e world remit review and reading your detailed review, then clicking on to their website, why not make a commission if they made a trade?

So each provider, well most of the providers gave me, the minimum transfer requirements, fees, business location, history of their business and business location. Only after we had all these requirements that it was time to create the content. To be fair, the content for each completed each post within hours so by the end of the week the content was finished.

To leverage SEO I also purchased WordPress Rich Snippets. This plugin you can create an extensive review of each provider and create an overall review out of 0/5 stars that would be shown on Google.

how to increase website traffic for free
how to increase website traffic for free


So when users say “how to increase website traffic for free” use this guide! Unique content is King! If you do your research your content will get the hits and rank highly on the search pages and if your smart enough you can earn money too whether its Google Adsense Advertisements or referrals like I have done.

Other suggestions coming in the next post will be how to use Social Media to drive traffic to your website.

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